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Koroglu LLC

IMG_8411-1"Koroglu" LLC started its activities on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 1992 as a distributor of confectionery products of local and foreign production.

"Koroglu" LLC stands out for its stable activities in the domestic market for a long period, effectively distributing the products of the local and foreign companies, and earned the respect and trust of clients and employees. It is now one of the leading companies in a range of confectionery products in the region.

Taking into account the present need for confectionery products on the domestic market, the company is making efforts to increase to the maximum its range of confectionery products of high quality. The main purpose of the marketing policy of the company is to expand the market and distribution network, as well as to maximize the proximity of production to the consumer. Progress in the implementation of these goals is achieved through advanced technical base of the company, as well as experienced and professional staff in the field of trade.

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Distributor of more than 20 local and foreign companies



The modern 3 storey building with an area of 1029m2



More than 100 custom vehicles



More than 250 sales agents



Storage area with the cooling system consists of 5600 m2