Koroğlu MMC

"Koroğlu" LLC It has been operating in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan since 1992 as a distributor of local and foreign confectionery products. "Koroghlu" LLC , which is distinguished by its long-term activity in the domestic market and has been able to efficiently distribute domestic and foreign production products and its customers and colleagues, in the foreground. The company tries to maximize the range of high-quality confectionery products, taking into account the needs of the domestic market and confectionery products. The main purpose of the marketing policy of the company is to expand the sales market, to expand the coverage area of ​​the distributor network, and to ensure the maximum proximity of the product to the consumer. Successes on these targets are achieved thanks to the company's advanced technical base, as well as its experienced and professional staff. Koroglu LLC produces the products of Akkond, AVK, Slavyanka, Konfeşn, and Simsek, with many influential companies from around the world. Among their products are candies, caramels, cookies, waffles, candy sets, chocolate tiles, sandals, biscuits, roulettes, cakes, etc. includes.



Distributor of more than 20 local and foreign companies.


Modern 3-storey building with 1029 m2 area.


More than 100 special vehicles.


More than 250 sales agents.


5600 m2 storage area with cooling system.