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HR Policy

hr_fotoPolitics in Human Resources Management, "Koroglu" LLC directs all staff towards a common goal fairly reflecting the interests of everyone.

The main principle of the human resources policy of the "Koroglu" company is a unification of corporate interests with the interests of each of its employees in a common goal and direction of each employee towards the achievement of this goal.


  • Provide the company with the most worthy employees using different methods without dependence on subjectivity (without the human factor) in the choice of staff
  • Being one of the largest companies in Azerbaijan, preferring potential candidates
  • Build a system of remuneration, based on the principles of fairness, transparency and identity, and to serve as an example for many local companies
  • Provide career planning based on the assessment of activity and provide a planned career development for each employee
  • Be a workplace where employees can come in the morning with a smile and a high motivation

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