"Konfirom" confectionery factory

Today "Konfirom" is a factory, which has great potential in the Azerbaijani market, engaged in production of modern, dynamically developing confectionery products. Starting from October 2014, Konfirom factory has launched a large range of new confectionery products with its unique technology developed by professional foreign technicians. In the near future, Konfirom factory intends to buy a significant share in the market of Azerbaijan and foreign confectionery through a well-developed development strategy. The philosophy of the Konfirom factory is the quality and care of its products. The high quality of the product is one of the most important criteria of the enterprise. Improving methods and technologies, developing new product assortments, regular upgrades and purchasing new high-tech equipment will keep you up to date with market trends.


"AVK" confectionery factory

“AVK” It is one of the largest confectionery companies in Ukraine. The company was founded in 1991. Today, AVK has 4 confectionery factories located in Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Luhansk and Mukachevo. AVK is a leader in the Ukrainian market of chocolate candy. Top branded products are: "Parijel", "Domior", "Korolevskiy sharm", "Kreamo", "Kulliver", "Chokoladnaya noc" and others..

"Mir Lakomstv" LLC

The new modern enterprise, Mir Lakomstv, was established in 2000 on the basis of the Cherkassy biscuit factory. The company develops intensively, focusing on upgrading its production capacities, improving quality and increasing its range. The factory is equipped with modern Italian and Austrian equipment, and the factory has been manufacturing new types of cookies, cakes, roulettes, biscuits.

"Dominik"(Poltava) PJSC

To date, PJSC "Dominik" has managed to become one of the recognized leaders in the production of confectionery products of Ukraine, the production capacity of which is more than 200 tons of products per day.

"Delisiya" LLC ISC

“Delisiya” LLC is specialized in the production of confectionery products and produces a wide range of cookies, waffles, pancakes and pastry products.



АККОND" ASC It is one of the top ten dynamically developing companies in the confectionery industry of Russia. The products are sold in over 400 varieties. For example, candies: chocolate, crunchy, soft; caramels: soft, foaming, fluid, glazed, milk; iris, creak, cookies and so on. "AKKODND" confectionery factory is the only producer of soft gum caramels of Kapelka range, "Slimo" crunchy candies, soft candies of "Nüans" and "Snopik" sweets. The original "Ledi den", "Ledi Nich", "Ptitsa divnaya" candy made of soft sweatshirts produced by the factory are proud of the factory.

"Slavyanка" confectionery factory

The "Slavyanka" confectionary has been in operation for more than 70 years and offers its customers the highest quality selection of products. "Slavianka" confectionery products are more than 400 kinds: candy sweets "Chudo", products from "Ptija slast" series, gum marbled, nougat, soft caramel and various types of additives, candies, chocolates, candies , caramel, cookies, walnuts, cranberries, marmelade, marshmallow, drage.

"Nalchik Sladost" confectionery factory

Founded in 2004, Nalchik Sladost LLC confectionery factory has been a worthy successor to Russian confectioners' traditions. Confectioners are working at the enterprise. The products are produced based on the original recipe prepared by the company's specialists. Confectionery products are produced from natural raw materials without preservatives and GMOs. Given the taste of all layers of consumers, new products are produced and product varieties are constantly updated. That is why the enterprise cooperates with 23 regions of Russia and foreign countries.

"Confashion" confectionery factory

"Confashion" Confectionery is one of the most dynamic producers of confectionery products. The range of products is great and varied.


"Shimshak" confectionery factory

“Shimshak” Confectionary is a confectionery factory in Turkey and started its activities in 1996. Varieties: chocolate sweets, set of dresses for children.