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"Konfirom" confectionery factory

At the moment Confectionery factory "Konfirom"- is the modern, dynamic developed factory dealing with production of confectionery products having large potential of technology. Since October, 2014 "Konfirom" has been starting high volume of production of new confectionery products assortment with its unique technology designed and developed by professional foreign technologists. In the near future the factory of "Konfirom" plans to obtain significant share in the Azerbaijan and foreign confectionery market by the way of perfect compiled development strategy.

The philosophy of the factory of "Konfirom" is the to take care of quality and producers. The high quality of the product is the one of the significant criterion of the enterprise. Improvement of methods and technologies, preparation of new product assortments, ongoing modernization and buying of know-how high technological equipments are given us opportunity to keep pace with market tendency constantly.



"Shimshek" confectionery factory

"Shimshek" confectionery factory is being the confectionery factory of Turkey has been starting its business since 1996. Assortments: chocolate sweets, set of sweets designed as toy shaped for kids.

Website: www.simsek.com.tr


Russian Federation 


"АККОND" OJSC includes top ten of the best rapidly developed enterprises for confectionery industry in Russia. Products released for sale are about more than 400 assortments. For example, sweets: chocolate, crunchy, soft; caramels: soft, foaming, liquid filling, as glass and milky; iris, cracker, cookies, etc. "АККОND" confectionery factory is the unique producer of chewing gum shaped soft caramels of "Kapelka" series, crunchy sweets of "Slimo", soft sweets of "Nyuans" and sweets of "Snopik" in Russia. Original "Ledi den", "Ledi noç", "Ptitsa divnaya" sweets prepared from soft souffle are the pride of the factory.

Website: www.akkond.ru


"Voronej" confectionery factory

"Voronej" confectionery factory is the one of the biggest enterprise producing confectionery products in Russia. During 60 years of activity, the factory turned to the high level of mechanized enterprise which is produced 100 t different confectionery products daily. Now, the factory produces 150 titled large-scale assorted confectionery products: sweets, caramels, cookies, waffles, marshmallows, fruit drops, etc.

Website: www.vkf.uniconf.ru


"Slavyanка" confectionery factory

"Slavyanка" confectionery unit is in business activity more than 70 years and offers the most extensive choice and high quality products to its consumers. "Slavyanка” confectionery unit's assortment of products is more than 400 titles: "Chudo" trademarked waffle sweets, products from "Ptichya slast" series, chewing gum marshmallow, nougat, caramel and no analogues candies, chocolates, candy sets, caramels, cookies, waffles, waggle cakes, fruit drops, marshmallows, panned sweets prepared from soft oil including different supplements.

Website: http://www.slavjanka.ru


Agroindustrial Holding "OBA"

Website: www.ova.ru


"Konfeshin" confectionery unit

"Konfeshin" Confectionery unit is one of the dynamic producers of sweet products. Assortment of released products are large-scaled and different.

Website: www.confashion.ru


"Lamzur" confectionery factory

"Lamzur" confectionery factory

Website: www.lamzur.ru

 sladkaya sloboda  

"Sladkaya Sloboda" Confectionery factory

"Sladkaya Sloboda" confectionery factory has been founded in 1999 in the city of Kirov of Russia. The factory produces a wide assortment flour confectionery products and is used high ecology raw materials during production. Grouped products of firm; sugar cookies, sdobnoe cookies, soufflé cookies, waffles

Website: www.sladsloboda.ru


"Qlobus" Confectionery Factory

"Qlobus" confectionery factory has been operating in the city of Ulyanovs of Russia since 1997. Grouped products produced by the firm: jelly sweets, caramels, candies covered by lipstick, sugar cookies, sdobnoe cookies, combined cookies, sweets, kissel, pryanik, coated tablet sweets

Website: www.globuz.ru/confectionary


Confectionary Company "Nalchik-sweetness"

Confectionary Company "Nalchik-sweetness", founded in 2004 to preserve and increase the traditions of Russian confectioners.

The company employs professionals Confectionery, most of the products made by the original recipe developed by the specialists of the enterprise. Confectionery products are produced from natural raw materials, without the use of preservatives and genetically modified foods.

The range of factory constantly updated, new types of products are produced, taking into account the taste preferences of virtually all segments of the population. Because of this, today we are working with 23 regions of Russia, as well as the far and near abroad.

Website: www.nalslad.com


"Confectionary firm "TAKF"

Confectionary firm "TAKF"- the largest manufacturer of confectionery products in the Tambov region. Since 2003, the factory is a part of the Holding "United Confectioners". The company produces confectionery products since 1946. Product portfolio consists of candy, candy, cakes and waffles. The most popular brands of the factory: "Tambov wolf", "Ladushki", "Juicy slice" and others. The product quality of the company "TAKF" ensure thorough compliance with all regulations and state standards of the Russian Federation, as well as European conditions and standards of production. In 2009, the factory has been certified according to the new international system of ISO 22000 ("Safety management system of food production"). In 2010, "TAKF" received a certificate - QOST P ISO 9001-2008.

Website: www.uniconf.ru/factories/takf/


CJSC "Penza confectionery factory"

CJSC "Penza confectionery factory" - the largest enterprise in the confectionery industry Penza region. The factory was founded in 1925. Since 2003, part of the holding "United Confectioners". Fabrika equipped with modern, high-tech equipment that allows production of product range of confectionery for the middle price segment. Also, specialists of the enterprise annually develop and offer consumers a genuine novelty.

Currently available more than 130 types of products: chocolates, toffees, jelly beans, marshmallows, waffles, cakes, biscuits and wafer cakes. Business Card Company and the city of Penza - sets luxury chocolates "Tarkhany", "Lermontov" and "Penza". The factory produces not only local product assortment, but also Federal brands.

Website: www.uniconf.ru/factories/pkf/



"AVK" confectionery company

"AVK" is one of the large scaled confectionery company in Ukraine. The company was founded in 1991. Now, "AVK" is the owner of 4 confectionery factories located in Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Luqansk and Mukachevo "AVK" is the leader for the chocolate sweets category in the Ukrainian market. Selling top brand products: "Parijel", "Domior", "Korolevskiy sharm", "Kreamo", "Qulliver", "Şokoladnaya noch", etc.

Website: www.avk.ua/


"Odessa" QSC

"Odessa" QSC Odessa şəhərinin və Ukraynanın yeyinti üzrə ən iri müəssisələrindən biridir. 1994-cü ilin avqust ayında qənnadı sənayesinin Odessa istehsalat birliyi əsasında təşkil olunmuşdur. 300-dən artıq adda qənnadı məmulatları buraxılır ki, onlardan odessalı qənnadıçılar tərəfindən yaradılan "Oddeskiye", "Belaya akasiya", "Ruşniçok", "Taras Bulba", "Sadok vişnyovıy", "Meteorit", "Puşkinskiy platan" və s. markalı konfetlər ən yaxşı konfetlər hesab olunur.

Website: www.odessalux.com


"Mir Lakomstv" LTD

New modern enterprise "Mir Lakomstv" Ltd has been founded on the basis of Cherkas biscuit factory in 2000. The company directing its means to the modernization of productive capacity, improvement of quality and increasing of the assortment quantity, develops intensively. The factory has been supplied with the modern Italian and Australian equipments. New typed cookies, cakes, rolls, biscuits are produced in the factory.

Website: www.svitlasoschiv.ua


OJSC "Poltava"

OJSC "Poltava"

Website: www.dominic.com.ua


"Delisiya" LTD İKŞ

"Delisiya" Ltd has been specialized for the confectionery products and produces a wide range cookies, priyans, waffles and pastries.

Website: www.delicija.ua



"Mikhaella" confectionery factory

Producing country: Belarus, City: Minsk (production address: Molodechno city) The date of foundation: 1996 Assortment : sweets with soufflés, nuts, dessertsç dried fruits, candied roasted nuts and korovka, halva, sugar candies.

Website: www.mihaella.com


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